She said she wanted me in her life forever


And maybe it’s because of the way I close up and block out

And am distant

Floating in another world

With her at the centre of it

All the while I was letting her walk by

While she was trying a little less harder to bring me back to her


Or maybe it’s because of the way she is

Her warm and radiant self

A beacon for all that surrounds her

But it isn’t to blame

That smile of hers

At the faintest whisper of her name


But I’m guessing it’s been a growing feeling

That made her decide

Her forever with me is over


She has the cutest little laugh

As she turns back to face me

Almost subconsciously

As soon as something funny happens

Or is said

And it hurts a little

These flashes of the past

As if nothing has changed

But it’s really there

That division

Even if it’s only small

I would have been in the seat next to her

Having lunch with her

I would have laughed my sides in with her

But these small flashes of the past

When she still turns to me in times of happiness

Make me glad that I still exist

Even if it is in miniature.