She has the cutest little laugh

As she turns back to face me

Almost subconsciously

As soon as something funny happens

Or is said

And it hurts a little

These flashes of the past

As if nothing has changed

But it’s really there

That division

Even if it’s only small

I would have been in the seat next to her

Having lunch with her

I would have laughed my sides in with her

But these small flashes of the past

When she still turns to me in times of happiness

Make me glad that I still exist

Even if it is in miniature.



They always warn you

To stay away from the boys

and girls

With the warm smiles

And inviting eyes

The boys and girls

With soft lips

And a firm grip

They always warn you

That it’s the ones you don’t know

That will hurt you the most

As you fall

Deeper and deeper into them

Longing for it to work

But they never warned you

About the boys and girls

That shared the same jokes as you

As your laughs

Danced and folded and merged into one

After years of unity

They never warned you

About how real it would feel

To be hurt by those you thought would last.